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150 Series Time Clocks from Acroprint

Acroprint Model 150AR3

Sale Price: $ 307.00

Acroprint Model 150ER3

Sale Price: $ 307.00

Acroprint Model 150NR4

Sale Price: $ 307.00

Acroprint Model 150QR4

Sale Price: $ 307.00

Acroprint Model 150RR4

Sale Price: $ 307.00
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Product Description

A heavy-duty punch clock such as the Acroprint Model 150 can handle thousands of print registrations per day. These dependable workhorses are suitable for any size business in any environment. The Model 150 is an automatic-print time recorder that accepts standard time cards. The sturdy print mechanism is activated by inserting a time card, which allows for convenient one-hand operation. This model comes with a large, easy-to-read analog clock face and a tough, rust-resistant case. Order today!


Fully Guaranteed for One Year Against Defects in Workmanship and Materials. Automatic Minute, Hour, and Day Changes. Uniform and Legible Registration on card or paper stock of any size... including tabulating type cards. Rust and Corrosion Proof. Automatic Ribbon Feed and Reverse to assure long ribbon use. Designed for Wall, Desk, or Platform Mounting. Easy to Install. Electric Drive heavy duty synchronous motor. Available for 120V/60Hz or other voltages / frequency models. Large and Attractive Clock Dial directly geared with typewheels. Easy to Set After a Power Failure.

Acroprint Model 150 Employee Time Clock Specifications

Models 150AR3 150ER3 150NR4 150QR4 150RR4
Prints Day of week, hour, and minute. Day of week, hours 0 to 23, and decimal hundredths. Month, date, hour and minutes. Month, date, hours 0 to 23 and minutes. Month, date, hours 0 to 23 and decimal hundredths.
Dimensions 9 1/4"H x 8 3/4"W x 6 1/2"D
Shipping Weight 14 lbs.
Product Code TIME150AR3 TIME150ER3 TIME150NR4 TIME150QR4 TIME150RR4
Warranty 1 year

Additional Product Info

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