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EPISuite v5.0

EPISuite Demo CD

Sale Price: $ 21.00

EPISuite Lite

Sale Price: $ 1,040.00

EPISuite Classic

Sale Price: $ 1,957.00

EPISuite Pro

Sale Price: $ 3,163.00
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EPISuite Card Creation Software

Product Description

Please note that software purchases are not returnable.

EPISuite is a suite of utilities to make the creation and storage of photo identification cards and databases easy. It is a combination of sophisticated tools with included security features to protect your sensitive information. Three versions are available to provide different options at different prices to fit your budget as well as your photo ID system needs. A feature-limited demo CD-ROM is also available.

EPISuite Pro

EPISuite Pro 5 offers multinational manufacturing concerns, government or military installations, public utilities, financial institutions, universities, and more a sophisticated Microsoft® Windows™-based photo ID system that is designed to grow as your security demands increase.

EPISuite Classic

EPISuite Classic 5 offers hospitals, K-through-12 schools, mid-range to large corporations, sports facilities, and more a sophisticated Microsoft® Windows™ based photo ID system that is designed to satisfy your most important security issues--now, and for years to come.

EPISuite Lite

EPISuite Lite 5 offers your club, health care facility, school, or small business a sophisticated Microsoft® Windows™-based photo ID system at a price that won't break your budget.


No product features listed.

EPISuite v5.0 Specifications

Models EPISuite Demo CD EPISuite Lite EPISuite Classic EPISuite Pro
Warranty None - Software purchases are not returnable.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs. (0.91 Kg)

Additional Product Info

EPISuite v5.0
General System Features Pro Classic Lite
Operating Environments
Runs on Microsoft Window 2000, 98SE, NT 4.0 and XP Pro X X X
Operates across any standard PC network X X  
Designed for multi-user network installations X    
Comes with fully configured Microsoft Access 2.0 database X X X
Operates with any other ODBC 2.1 compliant database X X X
Includes schema scripts for approved, high performance databases X    
Supports databases that have "short" column and table names X X  
Database Fields
Allows you to add an unlimited number of custom database fields X X X
Database maintenance utility lets you create new fields and indexes without RDBMS X X X
Hardware Configuration
"Point and Click" configuration of card readers X X X
"Point and Click" configuration of industry-standard internal card encoders X X X
Special generic magstripe setup utility, for non-standard internal card encoders X X X
"Point and Click" configuration of industry-standard external card encoders X X X
Advanced card reader configuration options (access control integration) X X X
"Point and Click" configuration of card printers X X X
"Point and Click" configuration of image capture devices X X X
Printing Environments
Supports any Windows compatible printer X X X
Prints on both sides of the card (duplex card) X X X
Prints multiple cards per sheet X X X
Supports CYMK process color model X X X
Supports printers that merge CYM and K pages at print time X X X
Industry standard and custom page size X X X
Landscape and portrait printing X X X
WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") print previewing X X X
Special EPIBMP print driver outputs cards as high resolution bitmap files X X X
Product Security
Applications are protected by hardware key ("dongle") to prevent data theft X X X
Applications are password-protected to prevent illegal access X X X
Application errors are logged, for customer support purposes X X X
Help and Documentation
Context-sensitive online help X X X
Hard copy user manual X X X
PDF user manual and Getting Started Guide, with Adobe Acrobat reader X X X
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