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Photo I.D. Film Types

Photo I.D. Film Types.Photo I.D. Film Types

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All cameras on this site utilize Polaroid 3 1/4" x 3 3/4" Pack Films. The recommended films and characteristics are listed below along with development times. Most of these films are available in 8 or 10 sheet packs. Polaroid is converting all film manufacturing for these films to 10 sheet packs. A case of these films with 8 sheet packs contains 400 sheets of film. A case of these films with 10 sheet packs contains 500 sheets of film. A case of 10 sheet film packs is more expensive, but the cost per sheet is the same. When shopping for film, compare the cost per sheet, not per case. You may think you are getting a better deal from one supplier as he may be quoting 8 sheet packs, and another vendor may be quoting 10 sheet packs.

All cameras shown on this site can use 8 or 10 sheet film packs. Many competing products can only use 8 sheet film packs, and the 8 sheet film packs are becoming obsolete.

All Polaroid instant films have an expiration date. Ask what the expiration date is on the film you are purchasing. Fresh film will have an expiration date at least six months past the time of purchase. There is nothing wrong with purchasing film that expires next month, if you will use the whole case within that time frame. Outdated film does not perform properly.

Film Name / Number Type Speed Development Time
Polacolor 108 Color   80 60 seconds
Polacolor 669 Color   80 60 seconds
Pro Vivid 689 Color 100 90 seconds
Polacolor Pro 100, 679 Color 100 90 seconds
ID Ultraviolet Color   80 60 seconds
Polapan Pro 100, 664 Black & White 100 30 seconds

Development times given are for the film when it is at a temperature of 75 F.   See the Photo ID Troubleshooting section for any problems you may have with picture quality. See the How To section which shows proper insertion and handling of the film pack and related procedures.

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