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Card Five ID Card Software Upgrade

Classic To Elite
Starting At: $ 110.00
Premier To Elite
Starting At: $ 484.00
Lite Plus To Elite
Starting At: $ 494.00
Professional To Elite
Starting At: $ 597.00
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Card 5 ID Software Upgrade

Product Description

Upgrade to a more advanced Card Five ID Software. Upgrading can be done all at once to the top of the line Elite version or you can upgrade one step at a time from Lite Plus to Premier then Premier to Professional, etc. We have guaranteed low prices! Order your CardFive upgrade package today!

Please Note: Software purchases are not returnable.


CardFive is a design and printing software for plastic cards. Powerful yet easy to setup and use. It has all the features needed to handle ID cards. You can link the design to databases, encode magnetic cards, process SmartCards, create effects and manage overlay, hologram or scratch ribbon. With it's fully integrated environment it is very easy to design a card linked to a database. The Easy Database feature allows you to use it as a simple data entry and print software. CardFive has powerful imaging features - place a logo file, read pictures from digital photo cameras or use real time imaging through Video for Windows. Save acquired images on the database. Access security to card printing or database editing is provided via KeyFive and logins. CardFive can print using DCL (Direct Command Language) to most popular ID card printers in the market and virtually any printer through drivers, including page printers. Scalability is available through editions in order to meet user needs and budget.

Card Five ID Card Software Upgrade Specifications

Models Classic Upgrade Premier Upgrade Lite Plus Upgrade Professional Upgrade
Warranty None - Software purchases are not returnable.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs. (.91 Kg)
Product Code IDEC1705 IDEC1225 IDEC1115 IDEC1345

Additional Product Info

Five different editions are available
Lite, Lite Plus, Premier, Professional and Elite (Multi-Head)
The Elite (Multi-Head) version can only be used with multi-head id printers such as the P600

  Classic (Lite)
Entry level edition, major design features, variables, all you need to print a card.
Lite Plus
Adds direct connection to text files (CSV).
Internal database, create, define and edit as many databases as needed. Database definable views, photo-on-a-field.
External databases, (ODBC). Link a card to any record(s) any database. Logins, Video for Windows....
Elite (Multi-Head)
Adds the concept of multiple cards being printed simultaneously.
Setup program on CD X X X X X
Windows 95/98/NT X X X X X
KeyFive (Smart Card) X X X X X
On-Line manual X X X X X
Printed manual     X X X
Multi-Lingual versions X X X X X
WYSIWYG + Multi-Document X X X X X
Barcodes & PDF X X X X X
Magnetic and smartcard X X X X X
Variables, system sources X X X X X
Variable objects - Database   X X X X
Import image from file X X X X X
Windows/private clipboard X X X X X
Build-in image tools X X X X X
Twain Image acquisition X X X X X
Video for Windows imaging (Live Video)       X X
Photo on a database record     X X X
CSV database connection   X X X X
Internal database     X X X
External database (ODBC)       X X
Database query     X X X
Database create/edit     X X X
Database report       X X
Front & back printing X X X X X
DCL and WDriver printing X X X X X
Overlay treatment X X X X X
Batch printing       X X
AutoPrint       X X
Multi-Head printers         X
Logins       X X
Net Licenses     X X X
Clipart X X X X X

CardFive Features Description

Integrated environment Everything is at your fingertips, easy, visible, and usable.
WYSIWYG environment No need for preview operations. Image shows on screen exactly how it will appear on the printed card
Database access No import or export operations needed, ODBC database access
Six Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian
Five Editions CardFive comes in five different editions to meet user needs and budget
Logins Separate access rights for each user: design, edit data, print or setup
Front and Back Convenient design of both sides of the card.
32 bit application Microsoft, Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT.
Twain Scanner, digital camera or any twain device to acquire photos.
Video for Windows Real time video on a card.
Image on a Field No need for separate image files.
Image on PDF Encode photos on PDF 417 two-dimensional barcode.
Open from file BMP, TIF, TGA, PCX, JPG.
Text Align, rotate, color text, and much more. Use of all Windows fonts.
Barcodes Major types, rotate, align. Check digits, human readable.
Shapes Lines, rectangles filled and unfilled, orthogonal lines, diagonal lines.
Overlay Security features, images on overlay, Exclude magstripe or chip.
Batch Print Pre-Print, revise, select, print overlay management.
SmartCard Plug In Any SmartCard application can be run at print time
Magnetic encoding ISO Track 1, 2 and 3 directly or via Windows driver. Custom encoding.
DCL's Direct Command Language, maximum speed and error control
MultiHead Printers Mass production. Allows multiple cards to be printed simultaneously.
Print via Driver Print via driver. Page printers.
Auto Print Automatically print cards by adding records.
SmartDownload Reduces graphic data sent to the printer, improves speed.
Internal database Create your own database without a need for an external application.
Database query Select the desired record set using queries
Find function Locate specific records.
ODBC Maximum Connectivity, Access, Paradox, FoxPro, Excel, Text, SQL.
Definable Views Show / Hide fields from database.
Browse Browse records view.
Database Report Create, save and print a listing of your database, including photos.

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