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Money & Coin Counters and Supplies

Bill counters, coin counters and coin sorters are a necessary item for any bank or business that deals with money on daily basis. ID House has a wide variety of check signers, currency counters, counterfeit detection equipment, money racks and check certifiers at prices that are sure to beat the competition. Order your money counter, counterfeit detector, check signer, money rack or check certifier today!

Currency / Money CountersCurrency / Money Counters

Coin CountersCoin Counters / Sorters

Currency / Money Counters Coin Counters
Money Counters
Money counters are a quick and effective way to accurately count money in a short period of time. We have a great selection of compact and accurate counters that can be used in any retail location. Many of our bill counters even include great features such as counterfeit detection and batch counting! Order your own money counter today!
Coin Counters / Sorters
Counting coins manually can be long and tedious. Coin counters speed up the process by quickly and accurately counting coins. Many coin counters even have the ability to sort the coins. We offer a great selection of coin counters from models designed for small businesses to larger models ideal for banks. Order yours today!

Counterfeit DetectorsCounterfeit Detectors

Coin CrimpersCoin Crimpers

Counterfeit Detectors Coin Crimpers
Counterfeit Detectors
Stop counterfeit thieves in their track, and save your business some serious money, by using a counterfeit detector. We have several models to choose from depending on the types of detection you require. If your business handles money on a daily basis, you shouldn’t be without one. Order yours today!
Coin Crimpers
Do you roll coins for storage and use shotgun shell style wrappers? Our coin crimpers make it easy to crimp shut the ends of those rolls, preventing the coins from sliding back out. Order yours today!
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