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Photo ID Card Systems

Prevent unauthorized personnel from entering your business or restricted areas within your business with photo ID badges. Over the last several years the cost of setting up your own photo ID system has dropped and is now much more affordable for smaller businesses, health clubs, and schools. Digital systems are becoming more mainstream than the still widely used traditional composite photo id systems. Check out our Photo ID Guide or speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates to help you decide which system will work best for your needs. We have the lowest prices, guaranteed. Order your photo ID system today!
Digital ID Card PrintersDigital ID Card Printers
Photo ID CamerasPhoto ID Cameras
Digital I.D. Systems
Digital ID Card Printers
Digitally creating photo id badges has become the method of choice for everyone from government agencies to schools to small businesses. This is largely due to the prices having come down as well as the ease of use and immediacy of the process. You can take a picture, add it to your id card template using the software and print the finished product within minutes. You can print just one card or hundreds at a time depending on your needs. Replacement ID cards are simple to re-print since they can be saved on a computer. We have the lowest prices on digital photo ID systems, guaranteed. Order yours today!
Composite I.D. Systems
Photo ID Cameras
Composite photo ID systems are still in wide use by governments, schools, and businesses. These cameras are ideal for passport type photos for passports or for use on photo id cards. The cameras come in two, four, and six lens models. You simply take the photo, using Polaroid 669, which develops in about a minute. Then you are ready to affix the photo to the ID card or whatever you need to. It is common to then laminate the card to ensure longevity. We have the lowest prices on composite photo ID systems, guaranteed. Order yours today!
Electronic Signature Capture DevicesElectronic Signature Capture Devices
Digital I.D. Systems
Electronic Signature Capture Devices
Electronic signature capture pads allow you to digitally capture signatures for documents, photo IDs and more. Our digital signature pen tablets are easy to set up and allow you to save the signature as an image file. These electronic signature pads allow you to apply signatures to documents in almost any document that accepts images such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. We have a wide variety of digital pen tablets to choose from. Order yours today!
Photo ID Support Info.Support Info
Support Info
Not sure which type of photo ID system to choose? Let us help. This section contains a section on Frequently Asked Questions, technical tips and the ID House' "Photo ID Guide".

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