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Polaroid P3000E ID Printer

Monochrome Printer w/ Hopper

Sale Price: $ 1,988.42

Color Printer w/ Hopper

Sale Price: $ 2,303.00

Color Printer, IAT Encoder

Sale Price: $ 3,188.92
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Polaroid P3000E ID Printer Supplies - ID Printer Supplies

Product Description

Polaroid's affordable, high-quality printing options start with the P3000 Card Printer. Offering single-sided printing in full color and/or black & white, multiple bar code options, simple-to-use custom supplies and the capability to produce up to 120 full-color or 500 one-color cards per hour, the P3000 provides great value and productivity. The P3000 is upgradeable to include magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization. Order today!


Full-color or monochrome imaging Bi-directional USB connectivity PCID Printer Driver Audio and visual message prompts RFID Supplies with enhanced features Automatic card feed Output hopper holds 20 cards

Options & Accessories

Polaroid Cleaning Card Kit - 10 Pack $3.89
Polaroid Cleaning Pen $4.10
Polaroid Adhesive Cleaning Sleeve Kit - 5 Pack $16.00
Polaroid Ribbon Mono Black for P3000 & P4000 1500 Image $21.52
Polaroid Mono Dark Blue Ribbon for P3000 & P4000 1500 Image $24.60
Polaroid Ribbon Mono White for P3000 & P4000 1500 Image $24.60
Polaroid Mono Red Ribbon for P3000 & P4000 1500 Image $24.60
Polaroid Mono Silver Ribbon for P3000 & P4000 1500 Image $24.60
Polaroid Dust Cover for P3000 Printer $35.82
Polaroid Mono Scratch Off Ribbon for P3000 & P4000 1500 Image $54.83
Polaroid Card Stock PVC 3mil $61.49
Polaroid Card Stock PVC 30 mil $97.36
Polaroid Full Color Ribbon 250 Image for P3000 & P4000 $108.89
Polaroid Black Ribbon for P3000 & P4000 1000 Image $163.98
Polaroid High Capacity Output Hopper $179.35
Polaroid Full Color Ribbon for P3000 & P4000 $218.00
Polaroid Smart Card Contact Station $364.56
Polaroid IAT Magnetic Encoder for P3000 $518.42
Polaroid IAT Magnetic Clear Card Encoder for P3000 $518.42
Polaroid Transport Case for P3000 Printer $526.00
Polaroid Color Printhead for P3000 & P4000 $564.00
Polaroid Mono Printhead for P3000 & P4000 $564.00
Polaroid Smart Card Dual Contact Reader $718.34

Polaroid P3000E ID Printer Specifications

Models P3000E P3000E P3000E
Description Single Sided Color Printer
Shipping Weight 15 lbs (7 kg)
Dimensions 16.5"L x 7.78"W x 9"H
(419mmL x 198mmW x 229mmH)
Print Method Color Dye Sublimation & Resin Thermal Transfer.
Resolution 300 dpi.
Colors Full Color
* Print Speed 160 cards/hr in full color (YMCKT)
750 cards/hr monochrome (K)
Single or Double Sided Single
Accepted Standard Card Sizes ISO CR-80 - ISO 7810 (53,98 mm x 85,60mm - 3.375" x 2.125")
Accepted Card Thickness .009" to .055"
Print Area Edge-to-edge
Accepted Card Types PVC, or polyester cards with polished PVC finish
Card Cartridge Capacity 100 Cards (30 mil)
Output Hopper Card Capacity 20 Cards (30 mil)
Memory 8MB RAM
Software Drivers Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Encoding Options N/A
System Requirements Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Interface USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
Operating Temperature N/A
Electrical 100-240 Volts VAC, 3.3 A, 50-60 Hertz.
Warranty 2yrs
Product Code IDEP13E100000 IDEP13E000000 IDEP13E000011
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