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Security Equipment Index

Rely on ID House for all of your office and home security needs. ID House specializes in home security systems, residential security products. We make it easy to choose a business or home security system that fits your budget.

We offer a wide selection of: security alarm systems, CCTV video surveillance systems, hidden camera kits, photo ID systems, counterfeit detectors, paper shredders, metal detectors, law enforcement security equipment, digital voice recorders, portable receiver recording systems, transmitters, wireless accessories, time lapse recording, video motion detection systems, VCRs, and emergency lights.
Time Lapse RecordingTime Lapse Recording
Digital I.D. Systems
Time Lapse Recording
Surveillance SolutionsSurveillance Solutions
Digital I.D. Systems
Surveillance Solutions
Create a more secure campus by keeping an eye out on all of your buildings with our surveillance systems. Maintain close observation of important areas to have greater peace of mind.

Security Cameras and LensesSecurity Cameras and Lenses
Digital I.D. Systems
Security Cameras and Lenses
Paper ShreddersPaper Shredders
Digital I.D. Systems
Paper Shredders

Shoplift PreventionShoplift Prevention
Digital I.D. Systems
Shoplift Prevention
CCTV Camera SystemsCCTV Camera Systems
Digital I.D. Systems
CCTV Camera Systems

Camera AccessoriesCamera Accessories
Digital I.D. Systems
Camera Accessories
Document ContainersDocument Containers
Digital I.D. Systems
Document Containers

Retail SolutionsRetail Solutions
Digital I.D. Systems
Retail Solutions
Wether it's a receipt printer, cash register, bar code scanner, retail tracking software or any other loss prevention item, we have what can help.
Photo ID Printers & CamerasPhoto ID Printers & Cameras
Digital I.D. Systems
Photo ID Printers & Cameras

Closed Circuit TV MonitorsClosed Circuit TV Monitors
Digital I.D. Systems
Closed Circuit TV Monitors
Emergency LightsEmergency Lights
Digital I.D. Systems
Emergency Lights

Mobile Enforcement SolutionsMobile Enforcement Solutions
Digital I.D. Systems
Mobile Enforcement Solutions
Keep your campus safe and secure with our mobile enforcement systems that move with you! These systems make it possible to have a secure site anywhere you want. With mobile computers that can go where you go, rest assured that these systems can keep up with you.
Digital I.D. Systems
Our healthcare systems range from medical supply inventory tracking, patient wristband printing and more! Having a well organized facility is important for any healthcare organization and we can help.

Warehouse/Inventory SolutionsWarehouse/Inventory Solutions
Digital I.D. Systems
Warehouse/Inventory Solutions
Our warehouse and inventory tracking and labeling software is perfect for keeping your warehouse organized and up to par. This increases efficiency and productivity in the warehouse to help create success.
Access Control SolutionsAccess Control Solutions
Digital I.D. Systems
Access Control Solutions
These systems help keep track who comes and goes from your facility so that you can have a safer and more secure campus.

Asset ManagementAsset Management
Digital I.D. Systems
Asset Management
Easily manage and track your companies goods with our asset management systems. Wether is deploying, maintaining or operating your companies assets, we have a system for you.
Counterfeit DetectorsCounterfeit Detectors
Digital I.D. Systems
Counterfeit Detectors

Door Buzzers / Security AlarmsDoor Buzzers / Security Alarms
Digital I.D. Systems
Door Buzzers / Security Alarms

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