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Paper Shredders

Purchasing a paper shredder is one of the best things you can do for your home, business, school or church. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Be sure to always shred documents such as receipts, credit card applications, bank statements and more. We sell hundreds of different styles of shredders from manufacturers like Kobra, Destroyit, Rexel, Intimus, GBC, Dahle, Techko and Offis Life. Choose from strip cut to cross cut shredders, CD shredders, high-security shredders, cardboard shredders and more.
Multimedia (CDs/DVDs)Multimedia (CDs/DVDs)
Digital I.D. Systems
Multimedia (CDs/DVDs)
Shred CD's and floppy disks in seconds with a CD shredder. CDs are capable of holding megabytes of data. Megabytes of data can hold thousands of pages of sensitive documents. This data can be easily copied or stolen if it falls into the wrong hands. CD Shredders chew through CDs, leaving them in small, unreadable pieces of plastic.
Small Department / Multi-user ShreddersSmall Department / Multi-user Shredders
Digital I.D. Systems
Small Department / Multi-user Shredders
Small department / multi-user shredders are medium-sized shredders used in most office environments. Small department / multi-user shredders have a higher shred capacity than the smaller desk-side shredders. Several models available at a guaranteed low price. Order your shredder today!

High Security Paper ShreddersHigh Security Paper Shredders
Digital I.D. Systems
High Security Paper Shredders
High Security shredders include paper shredders designed for shredding top-secret documents, micro film and more. Many of our specialty shredders are NSA/Department of Defense (DOD) approved. Several models available at a guaranteed low price. Order your specialty shredder today!
Departmental / Heavy Duty Paper ShreddersDepartmental / Heavy Duty Paper Shredders
Digital I.D. Systems
Departmental / Heavy Duty Paper Shredders
Departmental/heavy duty shredders are higher-end shredders used for continuous office shredding. These shredders are poplar in offices, banks and government buildings. Several models available at a guaranteed low price. Order your shredder today!

Desk Side Paper ShreddersDesk Side Paper Shredders
Digital I.D. Systems
Desk Side Paper Shredders
Office / desk side shredders are designed to be used in a small office environment. Great for use next to a desk, these shredders are great for destroying sensitive documents. Several models available at a guaranteed low price. Order your shredder today!
Light Duty Paper ShreddersLight Duty Paper Shredders
Digital I.D. Systems
Light Duty Paper Shredders
Home office / light duty shredders are small shredders typically used in the home or in a small business. Home office / light duty shredders are light and portable and are usually used at the side of a desk for occasional shredding. Several models available at a guaranteed low price. Order your shredder today!

Secure Document ContainersSecure Document Containers
Digital I.D. Systems
Secure Document Containers
Secure Document Containers are available to keep documents confidential until destroyed with a paper shredder.

Secure Document ContainersShredders By Manufacturer

Secure Document ContainersAdditional Paper Shredder Information

* Shredder Bags are available for all shredders that use bags.

* Shredder Oil is available in a pint bottle or 9 oz. aerosol can.

* Automatic Shredder Oiler is available for some shredders.

* Shredder Oil MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)This is a .PDF file

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