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Security Cameras, Lenses,
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Security cameras from ID House are easy to set up and are ideal for all your office or home security needs. These cameras are available in several models for different environments and situations. Both black & white and color units are available.

Please note that surveillance items are not returnable
Professional Security CamerasProfessional Security Cameras
Professional Cameras and Lenses
Professional Security Cameras
Wired - Wireless - I/R Professional security camera systems are designed for any professional business environment. These cameras are available in wired and wireless designs. We have guaranteed low prices on all our security cameras. Protect your office safe with a camera system today!
Dome Surveillance CamerasDome Surveillance Cameras
Deterrent Cameras
Dome Surveillance Cameras
Wired - Wireless Create a streamlined and professional look to your company, organization or building with a dome camera. These cameras are easy to setup and use. Dome cameras are available in both black & white and color formats. We have guaranteed low prices on all our dome security cameras. Order yours today!
Mini Security Cameras / CMOS - Coinsize.Mini Security Cameras / CMOS - Coinsize
Mini Security Cameras / CMOS - Coinsize
Wired - WirelessCoin cameras are tiny, covert and can be placed anywhere. The compact design of these coin cameras make them very easy to hide and difficult to see. We have guaranteed low prices on all our coin sized security cameras. Order yours today!
Bullet / Finger Security Cameras.Bullet / Finger Security Cameras
Covert Cameras
Bullet / Finger Security Cameras
Wired - WirelessBullet cameras are compact, small and can be placed in almost any location. These cameras are great for covert surveillance. We have both black & white and color cameras available at guaranteed low prices. Order your finger / bullet camera today!
Mounting Brackets,Adapters & Connectors.Mounting Brackets, Adapters & Connectors
Mounting Brackets
Mounting Brackets,Adapters & Connectors
Setup and mount your security camera with mounting brackets, adapters & connectors. We have guaranteed low prices on all our security equipment, supplies and accessories. Order yours today!
Camera Housings & Casings.Camera Housings & Casings
Housings and Casings
Camera Housings & Casings
Camera housing helps protect security cameras from the elements and other circumstances that would normally damage a camera. We have guaranteed low pricing on all our camera housing and casings. Order yours today!
Security Camera Lenses.Security Camera Lenses
Security Camera Lenses
Different situations, setups and buildings may require different lenses. We have a wide variety of lenses to choose from at guaranteed low prices. Order your security camera lenses today!
Wireless Security Camera Transmitters and Accessories.Wireless Security Camera Transmitters and Accessories
Wireless Transmitters and Accessories
Wireless technology allows you to put a security camera anywhere without any wiring necessary. This is great for buildings where a wired system may not be an option. We have a wide selection of wireless transmitters and receivers at guaranteed low prices. Order yours today!
Specialty Cameras.Specialty Cameras
Specialty Cameras
Specialty Cameras
Microscope CamerasSpecialty cameras are typically used for scientific research and study. We sell both telescopic and microscopic cameras. We have guaranteed low prices on all our specialty cameras. Order yours today!

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